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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Roni Jacobs is that unique blend of incredibly competent and always kind. She's handled my bookkeeping through challenging times and I've always been confident that it was handled well. Roni also anticipates and offers help that goes above and beyond what's expected."

Gillian Williams

"Roni Jacobs with Jacobs Bookkeeping saved my bacon. I had started a new company and did my best to stay on top of all the admin work and bookkeeping myself, but found after a few years I had become bogged down with the day-to-day, and fell way behind on everything. When I approached Roni to help out, I felt a lot of shame and desperation. Roni not only got me organized and caught up, but was so incredibly supportive and thoughtful along the way; I felt great about the entire process. I continue to recommend Jacobs bookkeeping to small business owners, and am so grateful to Roni for her expertise and the kind heart she brings to the world of numbers."

Jeffrey Stegelman

"I've been working with Jacobs Bookkeeping since 2018. Roni conducts herself with utmost professionalism. She is incredibly efficient and has provided thorough follow up and management of my books and filings. I greatly appreciate her and her work. I highly recommend her for all your bookkeeping needs!"

Dr. Rachel Giordano N.D.

"Roni is extremely efficient, thorough and also provides valuable financial insight during the process of managing your books.  She stepped in to help my health care business transition from working with a CPA for nearly eight years and the transition was seamless.  When I finally found a new CPA firm that eventually took over my bookkeeping, Roni continued to alert me of some email reminders she received in reference to my business to make sure we were on top of it.  Her customer service is outstanding as is her level of professionalism."

Justin Favreau D.C.

"Before working with Jacobs Bookkeeping I was always frustrated with the details of bookkeeping and spent hours in meetings with my business consultant and office manager.   Since I began working with Roni I can trust that my clinic's books are in order. Roni is meticulous, detail oriented and so patient it's been great to hand over the responsibility of bookkeeping.  Now that I have more time and am less frustrated with my books I can focus on more important things like my patients. "

Dr. Margie Ikeda N.D.

"Keeping books and dealing with the intricacies of Quickbooks can be such a time waster for any business owner. When I began looking for a bookkeeper, I learned about Roni from two different business owners (on two different occasions) that said she was organized, professional, and trustworthy. It turns out is all true, and I love working with Jacobs Bookkeeping! In addition, Roni answers all of my bookkeeping questions quickly and is always helping me make my Quickbooks system more efficient."

Adrienne Krieger

"I met Roni in a business group. She stood out as professional and engaging. We have been working together for 8 years. Roni has handled sensitive personal business issues for me and done all the bookkeeping for my business. She is thoughtful on complicated issues and very knowledgeable about business procedures. Roni doesn’t hesitate to tackle a wide array of subjects. Quick and efficient, I couldn’t recommend her more highly. "

Debra Smith

"The first thing I did when I started my business was hire a bookkeeper. Sadly, when my existing bookkeeper expanded, my business became a very low priority. After endless struggles with my bank, Quickbooks and others due to a bookkeeping error, I was desperate for a change. Enter Roni Jacobs. I was totally up front with Roni about my strengths and weaknesses and we were clearly a fit. Roni has been a true gift to me. I never worry about my books and no question is off the table. She offers thoughtful suggestions to streamline my process including tech savvy solutions that are so obvious, I can't believe I hadn't thought of them before. That's what Roni is here for. To look at your business with fresh eyes and still give it as much love as if it were her own. I can't recommend her enough."

Mellicia Marx

"I could not be happier with the service, professionalism, and care of Jacob's Bookkeeping. Roni and her team make sure that my quickbooks files are accurate and up to date and work seamlessly with my CPA to keep my books in order and my filing timely. I've been with Jacobs Bookkeeping for 4 years and am thrilled to have found them."

Dr. Sierra Storm N.D.

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